United Angels VC is now Specialist VC 💥

As of 2022, the investment period of United Angels Fund I has ended, and we are now making investments from Specialist VC Fund II.

👉 Check it out here 👈

Portfolio of United Angels Fund I includes Bolt, Starship, Click & Grow, Fractory, NFTPort, eAgronom, Xolo, FoodDocs, Salv, BobW, Guestjoy, VOK, Supervaisor, LightCode Photonics, GridIO, Vumonic, Kingdom, ParcelSea, Mentornaut, Grünfin, Yera, Outfunnel, INZMO, KOOS. The founding partners of United Angels Fund I are Riivo Anton 🤓, Gerri Kodres 👨‍🚀 and Indrek Kasela 🧔🏻.